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Are we patient cratfswomen? Are we curious artists? Or maybe multi-talented concept designers?
We definitely consider ourselves all of these things together.
The creative process is investigated in all of its steps: from the idea to the layout, through modelling, firing, decoration, enamelling and assembling of every single piece. Everything is completely handmade with top quality materials.
We produce exclusive items inspired by our everyday lives, hovering between the concept of seeking peace and perfection, and that of the dynamism of our times, which always go too fast.
We produce porcelain jewels which are extremely light, almost transparent, ethereal, shiny or matt. We look back to the past using elements such as laces or decalcomanias. Meanwhile, we play with nature, by leaving free traces on our minimal spaces. They then become curious shapes and tell of a dream we would like to make true and real. Here they come to birth: objects that are unique, as we and you are. We imagine it, you capture it. These become precious complements in tune with your appeal.